5x Happy Valentine Glass Rose Pipes - Clear Glass


5x Happy Valentine Glass Rose Pipes  - Color Mix

This valantine glass rose pipe or love rose pipe is produced with high-quality boro glass that may deal with excessive heat with out breaking,  has 4"  and at one end features a glass bubble or bowl. The glass rose has the dimensions of a bubble gum , and has a tiny gap on top, in which the blend is put in. The love rose pipe features a 0.3 cm glass width, that guarantees longevity  and no breaks.

Happy Valentine Glass Rose Features:

  • Glass pipe length: 4 inches (10.5 cm);
  • Bowl diameter: 2.5 cm;
  • Glass thickness: 0.3 cm;
  • Glass material: highest grade borosilicate glass;
  • Mouthpiece glass diameter: 1.2 cm;
  • Flower glass rose color: pink with white tips;

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