Dear DW Fam,

We would like to thank you for joining the D Star W family of companies.

Your personal Promo Code is _________ -

By using this code, your potential customers can save 15% of the total amount spent on any of the following sites (Click on the Logos below to access the websites) :




As your customers place their orders and save 15% by using your coupon, you will earn 5% in

points which can be redeemeded for cash or transferred over into credits to buy gear from our sites.

You will receive a monthly summary email from us on every 15th of the Month, that will ask you what

you would like to do with the credits earned.

If you choose not to cash out your monthly earnings, you also have a choice to save the points until next month

and convert them later.

We also offer free gifts and care packages that we mail out to all active Reps promoting us. The size and quality of our care packages depends on how dedicated you are to promoting our brands. If you generate sales, your packages will be bigger than those reps, who don't generate sales or don't promote as hard. That's only fair, right?! We love to see how creative you get with promoting us, so if we see that you're putting in work - we will reward you.

Care packages get sent out once a month - on the 15th of each month. So do your best to get noticed by us for your promotional efforts!! We offer plenty of marketing material online , such as banners and other visuals you can edit with your favorite phone or computer apps to further promote yourself and our products.

We wish you the best and we hope that you can grow with us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us back directly so we can respond to you asap.

Thank you

      Let us know if you have any questions! | | |   @dabwizardarmy


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