ATTENTION: Please do not reattempt to place your order if you are not sure why your order has failed.
This will result in additional temporary holds, if your second order attempt fails. Please contact our Sales Manager
directly at (USA)  to place your order or email us directly.

Sometimes when an order is declined, you might see an entry on your credit card account when you view account
activity on your bank's Web site.   However, if the order was declined then it's very likely that you are seeing a
temporary authorization rather than an actual charge, and you will never be charged for or have to pay the
authorization amount.

Q&A - Failed Transactions & Temporary Holds

Q. Double Charged, Temporary Hold, Temporary Authorization, Credit Card, Credit Card Decline.

A.*** Please read this carefully as it tries to explain credit card billing information. There is a lot of confusion because your credit card company Representatives are not always honest or actually understand how credit card transactions really work in the e-commerce environment. ***

This only applies if our site says your credit card was declined. Just because your credit card was declined by our system, doesn't mean that your credit card was declined by your credit card company. What? Yes that is correct. In order to prevent online credit card fraud our site uses advanced security features. This helps to keep your card safe. If you were declined because you entered the wrong billing address, wrong expiration date, wrong zip code, or wrong card code, your bank may have actually approved the charge. In this case, your bank has issued what is called a Temporary Authorization or Hold. Your bank should display this transaction online as a Temporary Authorization and not an actual charge. If you bank doesn't distinguish the two, you should talk with them because this is deceptive.

A Temporary Authorization or Hold isn't an actual charge YET.

If you had a decline or two and finally get the charge to go through you might see a double or triple charge. These are actually Temporary Authorizations. WE ONLY PROCESS APPROVED charges. If you only get one charge of two or three to go through, we will only charge you once. (If you do multiple charges on your own, you could be double charged. We can't stop you from making multiple purchases.) At the end of the day we process all Approvals (note Approvals). When a approval is processed it will actually tell your bank we want the money. At this point it will turn your Temporary Authorization into a Charge.

Since there are other Temporary Authorizations that aren't approved, these Temporary Authorization may still display for several days before they are removed.

This is directly from our bank:

How does a temporary authorization affect my account balance and credit line?
Temporary authorizations are deducted from your available credit only; they are not included in the account balance. The charge will be included in your account balance when the actual transaction amount is determined and posted to your account.

How long will temporary authorizations remain on my account?
Temporary authorizations can remain on your account for up to 10 days. In the event of an error, only the merchant can remove the authorization.

Can I dispute a temporary authorization?
Because temporary authorizations are subject to change pending the final transaction amount, you are unable to dispute them. You must wait for the actual transaction to post to your account. It is not necessary to call regarding a temporary authorization unless you know that your card, cash advance checks, and account number have not been used for any reason.

Why does the temporary authorization appear twice for the same transaction?
If a temporary authorization appears twice, it does not necessarily mean the account will be billed twice. It is possible that the authorizations will post as one charge for the final transaction amount. If two charges for a similar amount from the same merchant appear on your statement in error, you will be able to initiate a dispute.

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