Dear Dab Wizard Fam - Please read below - The Rules & Guidelines

Thanks for your continued support. We appreciate you wanting to rep and promote Dab Wizard and hope you stick with us while we try to grow as the ultimate BHO Brand together. While we grow, we want you to grow as well - and be successful. We wanted to provide this opportunity to all of our Followers and Supporters by allowing them to Rep our products, and enjoy monthly Goodies and Benefits off each Sale you generate via and any of the following sites:

By using this code, your potential customers can save 15% of the total amount spent
on any of the following sites ( Click on the Logos ) : 















When your referred customers place their orders and save 15% by using your coupon, you will earn 5% in points which can be redeemed for cash or transferred over into credits to buy gear from our sites.

You will receive a monthly summary email from us on every 15th of the Month, that will ask you what you would like to do with the credits earned.

If you choose not to cash out your monthly earnings, you also have a choice to save the points until next month and convert them later.

How can I sign up as a DW REP?

Simply sign up here:

Information for Reps:

1. Please do not Spam our Instagram Feed by overposting the same Images several times in a row. Post consciously and promote as you can with effective hashtags!

2. You will earn 5% off any sales that you generate via the personal coupon code we created for you. This means, once someone places an order on or, and use a Coupon that we generated for you, you will earn 5% off the Total of the Sale. The payout will be monthly within a Cashback System.

3. Besides the monthly earnings, you have a chance to generate via your promotions of,our Instagram account @Dabwizardarmy and @DstarW_com, you will also be able to get monthly Care Packages from Dab Wizard - That’s because we appreciate our Reps!!!! Just stay actively Repping DW!

Our care packages will include popular DabWizard items and new Merchandise - so you will be getting the chance to get the coolest DW Gear every month!  The more successful you are as a Rep, the larger will our Care Packages get over time for your effort! These will include our popular BHO Tools, Jars, Dab Balls, Apparel (Caps, Socks, Accessories) and other cool products.

The more you promote, ultimately, the more care packages we will be shipping out. If you should need any new banners, please let us know. Payouts are done on a monthly basis. You can use all of our images. The ultimate goal is to get DabWizardArmy more followers, promote brand awareness under Dab Wizard, generate more sales!

Quick Tips and Hints for Reps

Track your Rep Progress

To track your current progress and earnings, please visit the following link:  REPREWARD.CO
To login, please use your the login information, that was emailed to you along with your Rep Confirmation Code,
when you first signed up to be a REP for us

Where and How to Promote
There are many ways to earn rep rewards with our brands and products. We are mainly active on Instagram, but we
are able to see  and track your progress on other social media platforms like:  Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr,
Pinterest, and Youtube amongst others.

The greatest rewards are provided to those, who are able to generate sales with their coupon codes, by promoting
hard and smart! Did you know that smart reps submit their coupon codes to coupon sharing sites, and are thus able
to generate more sales under their code? Try that! Example sites are:

Creative reps also earn points by designing custom banners with our variety of products, and create custom videos
promoting our current sales, products, and services! Get your artsy side on, and tag us, so we can see!

   Let us know if you have any questions! | (800) 277-5204 | | @dstarw_com

   Thanks for becoming part of the Dab Wizard Fam!

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